Storm Cleaner and Proofer 2 pack - 300ml

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These cleaner & water-proofer kits are the value option when looking to both clean and proof in one wash. Use the cleaner in the detergent compartment and the Eco+ proofer in the conditioner compartment, set the machine on the appropriate cycle and the job is done.

Wash In Cleaner: A technical gear cleaner for all outdoor wet weather clothing and shell garments. This specially formulated cleaner for technical outer wear and equipment lifts contaminants from textile in preparation for re-application of water proofing without damaging the manufacturers original treatment. The pH neutral formula makes it safer to use at home and isn't affected by different water types making it economical to use. The Storm Cleaner is suitable for most fabric types. 

Wash In ECO+ Proofer: Technical gear proofer for all outdoor wear and shell garments. An advanced heat-cure proofer, this product does require direct heat to become active. Drip dry garment then finish in a tumble-drier to activate the DWR finish (check garment manufacturer settings for suitable temp ratings). 

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